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Ziebart is the world's leading name in automotive services to renew, protect and preserve cars and trucks. For over 50 years, Ziebart International has developed its own renowned products and technology to protect vehicles against such damaging elements as heat, wind, dirt, pollution, ultraviolet rays and rust. With some 600 stores in 43 countries around the globe, Ziebart is regarded by motorists, car & truck dealers and manufacturers around the globe as the name you can always trust.

Explore all our products and services listed here to learn how you and your vehicle can benefit from Ziebart's appearance and protection services. You are also welcome to explore Ziebart International's world wide web home page at www.ziebart.com, click on icon http://www.ziebart.com/

Early Bird

You can make arrangements to drop-off or pick-up your vehicle before or after normal business hours, in the evenings, early mornings or even on Sunday's or Holiday's! Real convenience that saves you valuable time!

Diamond Gloss Paint & Fabric Sound Barrier Spray-On Liner
To Protect

Super Rust Protection - Lifetime Protection For New Cars and Trucks. 

Used Car Rust Protection - It's Not Too Late To Save Your Car!

Is Rust-Protection Really Needed? - Yes! Today's Cars Still Rust!

Even with vehicle manufacturing improvements, today’s cars still rust. Here’s proof. Have you read your new car’s corrosion guarantee? If you haven’t, you’re in for a big surprise. There are many limitations and drawbacks to your coverage. For instance, only exterior sheet metal is covered. And rust caused by other elements like floods is not covered. Others, also only guarantee against rust for a period of one to five years. What happens after that? Only Ziebart offers you an annually renewable LIFETIME GUARANTEE with FREE ANNUAL RE-SPRAYS that can fully protect your car against all causes of rust. We introduced Rust-proofing in the Philippines four decades ago, and to this date have maintained the most trusted name in vehicle rust protection. We offer two types of Rust Protection, Super Rust Protection for newer cars and Used Cars Rust Protection for older cars (see below). What ever you choose, you are assured that your vehicle will remain rust-free for as long as you want! (Not what others say it should be!). It’s Us or Rust.

See “All About Rust” article

FREE! Rust Inspection Reports - So you may know the truth

Unsure if your vehicle has already started to rust inside? Or curious to find out if it has any type rust-protection at all? Ziebart will be pleased to provide you with a written, no-obligation Rust Inspection Report for FREE! Most motorists today are misinformed and often confused and unaware if their vehicles have any type rust-protection, until its too late! Bring your vehicle to any of our locations and we will gladly provide you with the written truth in just a few minutes.

To Renew


• Ziebart Gold Care Service - Our top of the line!

• Ziebart Full Detailing - Renewal from top to bottom, bumper to bumper… 

• Ziebart Renu-A-Shine® (Express Shine) - The fastest way to a shiny car! 

• Ziebart Inner-Clean® (Express Interior) - A quick way to a clean inside!


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