Super Rust Protection

Even in new vehicles, rust is forming on the inner surfaces of steel panels and eventually makes its way through to the outer surfaces, bubbling the paint and eating through the metal, (like the bottom door seams, front hood seams, fender attachment points, etc.). Most of these rusting occurs before the problem is noticed, but already the damage has been done.

Ziebart’s renowned Super Rust Protection prevents rust from forming in the first place, protecting both the appearance and the resale value of your car or truck. The best time to apply Ziebart Super Rust Protection is when your vehicle is new, before rust begins. Ours is the only process that applies rust protection in accordance with the specifications of individual vehicles, ensuring that your particular model receives the protection it needs where it needs it most. Our highly trained and certified technicians ensure that Ziebart’s sealant penetrates 100 percent of the critical seams on your vehicle, creating a barrier against rust for total protection in all crucial areas. Our penetrating topside sealant and abrasion-resistant underside sealant coat the inside surfaces of your vehicle’s metal to prevent contact by water and salt moisture, which are the primary causes of rust.

The Ziebart Super Rust-Protection guarantee complements your manufacturer’s rust-protection guarantee. It provides protection to the vehicle body-shell, top-to-bottom, bumper-to-bumper, including all areas not covered by the manufacturer. Ziebart offers an annually renewable LIFETIME GUARANTEE with *FREE ANNUAL RE-SPRAYS. Our initial process, along with the *FREE annual inspections and reprocessing, guarantees your car or truck remains rust free. (*All you pay for is a minimal under-chassis washing fee). Ziebart Super Rust-Protection is Lifetime Protection!

Today's unibody cars have hidden areas vulnerable to rust. Over 3,000 spot welds need protection. Outer body sheet metal is thinner and more prone to rust. And boxed-in sections and seams on today's cars require special protection; protection not supplied by the manufacturer.

Your car contains over 250 square feet of sheet metal. All of this is prone to rust. Ziebart TidyCar uses over 2 gallons of sealant to coat all the rust-prone areas including underside. Most car dealers use only 1 quart.

Have you read your new car's corrosion guarantee? If you haven't, you're in for a big surprise. There are many limitations and drawbacks to your coverage. For instance, only exterior sheet metal is covered. And rust caused by salt and other outside elements may not be covered. Only Ziebart TidyCar offers you a Rust Protection Guarantee that can fully protect your car. You need to protect your new car with Super Rust Protection from Ziebart TidyCar because only Ziebart TidyCar can protect your car's hidden seam and welds where rust starts. And to protect against future car rust-through. Ziebart TidyCar offers what no one else can: an Annually Renewable Lifetime Guarantee against Rust, providing top to bottom, bumper to bumper protection. Good for the life of your car. And it's transferable to a new owner when you sell the car.


Used Car Rust Protection - It's Not Too Late To Save Your Car!

So your older vehicle doesn’t have any “real” rust-protection? No problem, Ziebart has a rust-protection service specifically designed for older vehicles. Our revolutionary new material can protect your used car from rust even if corrosion has started. We have a process specifically designed for your car. Ziebart's Used Car Rust-Protection uses a two-stage process. First, in used vehicles where rust is usually found, patented Ziebart Rust Eliminator is applied. Ziebart Rust Eliminator chemically changes the rust into a harmless compound. Then, after a 3-4 hour curing period, this inactive material is then coated with Ziebart Super Rust-Protection sealant for long term rust protection. Dependent on your vehicle's condition upon inspection, Ziebart's Used Car Rust Protection service comes with a VARIABLE GUARANTEE (2 to 7 years), with *FREE ANNUAL RESPRAYS. (*All you pay for is a minimal under-chassis washing fee). No one else uses this process or can offer you the same!


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