Paintless Dent Removal

Ziebart has developed a super tough, two component, fiber reinforced epoxy coating that bonds directly to the bed of your truck or the floor of your van. Our Spray-On Liner adheres permanently and perfectly to all contours of your vehicle, providing a permanent barrier between your vehicle and harmful outside elements. It provides the highest level of protection from scratches and chips. It eliminates gaps that trap damaging rust elements such as salt and moisture, and it is resistant to petroleum products and harsh chemicals. Available in black and gray to enhance your truck's appearance. Ziebart Spray-On Liner comes with a Lifetime Guarantee.



  • Super tough, smooth or non-skid surface protects bed from normal wear and tear.
  • No gaps or spaces to trap salt, moisture or harsh chemicals
  • Won't warp or crack in severe weather and it's even repairable if ever damaged.



  • Prevent rust in tanks and compartments exposed to salt, moisture and harsh chemicals
  • Faster dumping and easy clean-up with hard, smooth surface
  • Extend equipment life and prevent early replacement cost.



  • Prevent slip and fall accidents during entry, exit, loading and unloading
  • Keep cargo on its place during transportation and loading
  • Maximum traction wet or dry in hundreds of commercial and industrial application


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