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Sound Barrier - Drive the Noise Out

Today's smaller, lighter weight cars offer better fuel economy and aerodynamic styling. But they often sacrifice the quieter, solid ride of bigger cars.

Unibody construction and lighter materials carry more noise and vibration to the passenger area. And while aerodynamic styling reduces wind noise, it also makes engine and road noise stand out more.

If you don't like the sound of all that, Ziebart has a solution: Ziebart Sound Barrier.

Through extensive research, development and testing, both in the laboratory and in the field, Ziebart Sound Barrier was created. This specially formulated coating is a major breakthrough in sound and vibration reduction.

Ziebart Sound Barrier is a thick, super-tough abrasion-resistant and resilient coating that is applied directly to the noise-conducting areas of your vehicle.


Ziebart Under Body Sound Barrier

Ziebart applies it to all visible surfaces on the underside of your car, reducing noise in the passenger compartment caused by tires, stones, sand and water spray. This thick, super-tough coating is highly abrasion-resistant and will not wear-off. It also protects underbody components from moisture, mud and salt.


Ziebart Total Body Sound Barrier

In addition to Ziebart Under Body Sound Barrier, Total Body Sound Barrier is applied to the interior sheet metal of the fenders, doors and quarter panels. This greatly reduces body vibration and resonance. Result? Your car receives a total protective shield against noise and vibration.


Get Ziebart Sound Barrier on your car and have the added comfort of a quieter, more solid ride. Sounds Good.


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