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Now you can make your vehicle truly stand out from the pack! With a shinier and smoother gloss than when it was showroom new! Ziebart Diamond Gloss™ is the ultimate in Automotive Paint Protection – the first and only paint protection developed from aerospace paint technology, which protects aircraft paint from jet exhaust heat and fumes deposit, extreme and sudden temperature changes, and harsh environmental paint damaging conditions. Diamond Gloss™ produces the hardest protective shell ever resulting in a silky / satin deep paint gloss which can be felt and seen immediately. Diamond Gloss™ comes with an unprecedented annually renewable Lifetime Guarantee against loss of gloss and against all paint damaging environmental conditions such as paint fading from the sun’s harmful UV rays, paint etching and markings from acid rain, bird droppings, and fruit /tree sap residues. It is also resistant against fuel spill staining. Diamond Gloss™ resists dirt build up and scratches much better than any product in the market today.

What We Do:

  1. Chemically clean the car body, degrease the tires and mag wheels.

  2. Use our overspray removal clay to remove paint oversprays and contaminants.

  3. High-speed polish the cleaned paint using our special Ziebart silicone-free polish.

  4. Hand apply the Ziebart Diamond Gloss™ with a special applicator pad, then mechanically spread to homogenize the formulation.

  5. Use our patented Orbital Buffer covered with a special bonnet to give the vehicle that long-lasting Diamond-like Gloss.

  6. For the finishing touch, we detail the entire exterior, polishing the chrome, grille and wheels as well as clean the tires, jambs and glass inside and out.


Maintenance Tips & Reminders: Ziebart Diamond Gloss™ doesn't just protect your cars finish from environmental paint damage, it also protects its shine. To preserve the protection of the Ziebart Diamond Gloss™ the following maintenance tips should be observed:

  • To wash car: Hose down entire exterior with a clean chamois or cotton flannel trailing the hose from panel to panel to wipe away grime and dirt. (Make sure chamois or flannel is free from any debris that may scratch your paint’s finish!).

  • To dry car: Use another clean chamois or cotton flannel; rinse chamois or flannel thoroughly then squeeze off excess water until the chamois or flannel is damp. Using the damp chamois or flannel, gently and lightly wipe off water until the chamois or flannel is saturated, then squeeze off excess water again. Repeat the process until the vehicle is dry.

  • To remove water marks from acid rain: Hose down affected panel(s) then, using a clean chamois or flannel gently and lightly wipe away on the affected panel(s). Repeat the process when necessary.

  • Avoid the use of household detergents like soap and dishwashing agents. Regular tap water is fine. When regular tap water is not sufficient to remove bug splatters, tree sap stains, bird droppings, and other stubborn dirt you can use a reputable mild car wash concentrate.

  • To remove stubborn and extremely tough road grime such as tar or asphalt, any commercially available and reputable bug & tar removal product may be used for the affected area(s). Take note that you have to wash off the product immediately and completely! Avoid use of strong mineral spirits, solvents or any other formulation to remove tough or stubborn dirt on vehicle.

  • For fuel spills, thoroughly flush affected area with water, then wipe dry with clean chamois or flanella.

  • If by any chance you are not able to remove any of the dirt and stains mentioned above feel free to bring it back right away to any of our Ziebart locations, we will gladly do it for you.

  • If any section(s) of your vehicle is to be repainted, please take your vehicle back to any Ziebart location 30 days after repainting for Diamond Gloss™ re-application.

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