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Since 1981, CarSavers has become one of the Philippines largest independent automotive repair and servicing shops. Our 2 Metro Manila locations, (Makati, Pasig), services various makes and models of vehicles a day in a total area of close to 9,500 square meters, (that’s almost 1 hectare of work areas!).

Our full range of products and services can cure whatever ails your car – no matter what make or model it may be. You name it, we can do it (except sell cars and fill their gas tanks). Our staff of highly skilled and experienced technicians, using updated techniques, tools and equipment ensure that you will be fully satisfied with the service your car will get. Plus, our seasoned Customer Service Officers will take the time to listen to your needs and ensure services are carefully explained, coordinated and carried out as agreed.  CarSavers is a division of Bathala Marketing Industries, Inc. It has built a reputation of providing all its customers the friendly personal service and value they expect from an industry leader.

Early Bird & Night Owl Service - 24 Hour Round the Clock Convenience!

• Complete Mechanical, Electrical, Electronic & Air Conditioning Diagnostic Repairs and Maintenance

- "From A to Z... Plus Many More!"

• Well Stocked Parts Department

• Preventive Maintenance Service Packages - "If It Ain’t Broke, Don’t Fix it"

• Used Car Check Evaluation & Appraisal Program - Don’t Buy A Lemon!

• Vehicle Flood Damage Restoration

• Complete Body Repairs & Painting Services - "Your car will reflect our craftsmanship"

• Express Accident Damage Repairs - "Relax…We’ll make sure the worst is over."

• CarSavers Paintless Dent Removal - Amazing New Process

• Novus® Windshield Repair - Why replace, when you can repair?

Early Bird

You can make arrangements to drop-off or pick-up your vehicle before or after normal business hours, in the evenings, early mornings or even on Sundays or Holidays! Real convenience that saves you valuable time!  Call or ask for more details.



CarSavers offers the most complete line of mechanical, electrical and air conditioning diagnostic, repairs and maintenance…from tune-ups to general overhauling, wheel balancing to computer box repairs -- you name it, we can do it! Our close to two decades of experience assures you of reliable, competitively priced, honest and expert service. All our jobs come with written guarantees. That’s why Major companies prefer us, for maintaining their fleet of vehicles. Our full spectrum of services includes:




Air Conditioning
Safety Check-ups
Engine & Chassis
Suspension System
Machining & Fabrication
Gas & Diesel Engines
Cooling System
Wheels, Tires & Batteries
Fuel Systems
Factory Maintenance Service
Clutch Systems
Exhaust System
Flood Damage Restoration
Electrical & Charging System
Steering Systems
Plus Many More!
Ignition & Electronics System
Drivetrain & Differentials

Parts Dept


From Japanese, Korean, Malaysian to European and American made parts, CarSavers keeps thousands of mechanical, electrical and body parts in stock. We use OEM (original equipment manufacturers) and approved replacement parts. All parts supplied come with written guarantees…even for electrical parts - no one else can give you this! We can even supply surplus parts with guarantees for customers with a limited budget

These are the famous last words that have made many unsuspecting motorists come to grief.

What you don’t know won’t hurt you. Until the Monster of costly repairs comes breathing down your neck. Then you’ve had it. Avoid ugly surprises and don’t let this happen to you!

To help fight this "Monster of Costly Repairs," CarSavers has developed Preventive Maintenance Service Packages tailored specifically for your car. From 1,000 to 100,000 km. & beyond, each package is designed to help you prolong your car’s value and maintain it at its most efficient running condition. Remember…. a little effort at prevention can silence a monster of costly repairs and downtime later.



Used Car

Thinking of buying a used car and want added peace of mind? The CarSavers Used Car Check Program provides you with an objective, professional and the most comprehensive evaluation and appraisal service report in the market today. An extensive evaluation and condition report of over 100+ items are checked and evaluated, from the engine, steering, suspension, cooling, charging, transmission, exhaust, air conditioning, to the entire interior and exterior body condition - including a comprehensive rust inspection.  Besides providing you with a detailed written report on all these items, you will also be given the average selling price range on the vehicle based on our most recent compilation of used car prices in Metro Manila.  Don’t buy a lemon. Have us check it first!



Flood Car
If you live in Metro Manila, chances are your vehicle has already been through a flood. Or maybe even worst, unsanitary floodwater has entered your vehicle, causing your interior and maybe both mechanical and electronic components to get soaked. Drying it out at home or at the gas station may appear to initially solve the problem, but don’t be fooled! Problems will most likely begin to appear very shortly. Electronic components such as the computer box will begin failing, wheel bearings stuck-up, starter motors begin corroding & failing, rust begins in areas where you can’t see it, odors persist and on and on.



Our new Flood Damage Restoration services include restoration of your vehicles complete interior including deodorization and decontamination.  We can also restore electronic/mechanical components, (such as computer boxes, automatic door window controls, compact disc players, etc.), as well as clean and re-lubricate important mechanical components such as steering and brake mechanisms, repack wheel bearings, etc.  We can also stop body rust right on its tracks.  Time is of the essence if we are to help save your flood damaged vehicle!




  Complete Body Repair





CarSavers Body Repairs and Painting services offer you the highest quality work at reasonable prices! Our oven-baked paint process and experienced staff assure you the fastest body and painting jobs available. We pioneered the "3-Day, Express Glass Finish Urethane Painting Process.

We not only ensure that your car’s paint will look brand-new with our unique "Glass Finish" process, but we also make it "feel" and "smell" new!  We " vacuum, clean and dress" all seats, carpets, mats and headliners and apply "tire black" to all tires, giving you that brand-new car "feeling" as well. Plus, we protect your newly painted car with Ziebart Rust-Protection on all repaired sections, including the floorpan and wheelhouse. All for FREE! And to top it all, all paint and body work come with written guarantees. No other service shop can.






Repair Before

Repair After


Complex, non-symmetrical design…sophisticated suspensions... high strength alloys..robot-precise assembly… there’s nothing simple about fixing today’s cars. That’s why we’ve invested in the training and the technology to guarantee you get a safe and fast quality repair. Our people take pride in their work. From the initial search for hidden damage to the final buffing, your car will reflect our craftsmanship. We know what we’re doing and we’ve seen it all. From Asian, American to European -- just about every car & truck – with every kind of damage, has rolled through our doors. Our track record? Well, we have repaired and repainted thousands of vehicles and are accredited by the largest insurance companies in the country. We will also be more than happy to handle and coordinate settlement activities with these accredited insurance companies, and ensure that the worst is over.

We offer


  • FREE! Insurance assistance, coordination and follow-up
  • FREE! Insurance required photos of accident damaged sections
  • FREE! Ziebart Rust-Protection on all repaired areas
  • FREE! Interior and Exterior Cleaning and Polishing
  • Written Guarantees
  • Special Discount on Diamond Gloss Paint Protection (so you'll never have to wax your car again!)




PDR - Before

PDR - After



Introduced in 1998, the CarSavers Paintless Dent Removal (PDR) service is an innovative method removing minor dents and dings without the need for painting so you are able to keep and preserve your original factory finish!  Our highly skilled and certified PDR technicians work by using U.S. made custom designed tools and techniques to access and “massage” out minor dents and dings from inside of your vehicles damaged panel.  The process is quick, affordable and virtually removes any trace of the dent or ding ever existing.  See for yourself how our expert craftsmen perform “Paintless Dent-Removal Magic” right before your eyes!

  • Minor Dents & Dings Removed
  • No Need For Repainting or Body Filler
  • Low Cost and Quick! (While-U-Wait-N-See)
  • Over 200 U.S. Made Custom Designed Tools
  • U.S. Trained and Certified Technicians
  • Guaranteed Satisfaction





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Why replace your "stone damaged" windshield, when you can repair it? A revolutionary process from the U.S. largest and most well known windshield repair company, Novus allows you to repair cracks, "bulls-eyes" and even scratches for a fraction of the cost of replacing a windshield. All work is guaranteed!
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